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A page to share vital information to support Cumberland CWOs with the role

This page will support new and established volunteer Club Welfare Officers and their assistants to fulfil the vital role within Clubs in Cumberland. Any new information will be shared on this page.


Coaches in Cumberland We cannot over-emphasise the importance of every named coach alongside a Youth team to have an FA accepted and in-date CRC.

Every person who is registered with your club MUST have an accepted FA CRC and be attached to the relevant team within the club. Once their CRC is accepted, please make sure you log into WGS and add them to the team so we know who is coaching for each team. If you can’t add them to the team, it is usually because they are not yet accepted and therefore should not be coaching.

CWOs may receive emails from Cumberland FA regarding qualifications that need renewals, however the support from the CWOs in monitoring and renewing coaches’ checks is very important and we urge you to keep track of volunteers within your Club.

IMPORTANT: If there is a coach attached to a team who has a CRFC (DBS) which has expired, on the 22nd day that team will be suspended.

Checks are taking longer to process (due to the volume of checks being carried out across the country) and they may take a while to update from the GBG site onto the Whole Game System. This is often due to administrative delays and can take a couple of weeks to update, but it may be that the applicant certificate isn’t clear and they have been asked to send their certificate in for risk assessment.

Please make sure you treat an application as not accepted until it is showing on WGS (just because it turns green on the GBG site does not been it is accepted, only that it has been posted out)


Please ensure when you are completing CRC checks the name on the application matches the name on their passport/birth certificate.

There have had several CRCs rejected by GBG because applications are being made in the name of Matt instead of Matthew or Fred instead of Frederick etc. The check needs to be on their full name as recorded at birth.

CWOs must see the applicant's ORIGINAL documents. It is not acceptable for the applicants to email or text you scanned copies of the documents. As CWO you must electronically sign the end of the application and tick to say you have seen their documents and these must be the originals.


There have been numerous cases where an individual’s CRC cannot be found on the system because it is attached to another FAN record or sometimes the CRC is attached to one record and The FA Level 1 Coaching Course is attached to another. (Sometimes also there could be typos with name spelling.) If you come across a coach with 2 records, please email  so the second record can be removed and the two FANs merged.

Please ensure contact details are kept up to date.


The purpose of these visits is to speak to your club members and offer support from the County FA. It is a National FA policy to carry out these visits. Cumberland FA will be visiting many clubs over the next few months to check that nobody is involved in coaching who is not registered with the club, ensure managers/coaches/players and their parent/carers know what to do if they are worried about a child and know who the CWO is.

Cumberland FA CoachesAn email was distributed asking for your club’s training information on Monday 26 November 2018.

A copy of the form can be DOWNLOADED HERE

The CWO needs to respond to this email with full training and venue details for your teams as we may be coming to your club.

Please respond with the requested information and return the form to within 7 days of the email.

Failure to send this information to Cumberland FA prior to the deadline may result in sanctions against the club and you may be asked to come into Cumberland FA to meet with us to discuss the reasons for non-compliance.



Cumberland FA were pleased to be welcome SAVE Association to the county on Tuesday 11 December 2019 for a safeguarding training event at the Kirkgate Centre.


Cumberland FA Referees

Please remember many of the referees at youth fixtures are also children. Some are also newly qualified and will need support from managers and coaches. It is unacceptable for adult coaches and/or parents to shout at referees or comment on their performance.

This type of behaviour will only mean we lose young match officials and will result in disciplinary charges against those involved. They make mistakes but we want referees to learn and develop and enjoy their role so please remind your coaches that if they wish to comment on the performance of a match official, they must do it through the proper channels.

If you see any of our young referees who are struggling please support them and report to as soon as possible to Referee Development Officer Scott Taylor on

Please refer to the Respect Code of Conducts


Poor Practice

Please let us know if you become aware of poor practice incidents which raise a concern. Cumberland FA may not take any immediate disciplinary action but the incident will be recorded.

Please remind your managers and coaches to report all incidents to us through you (or the Club Secretary) to ensure the club is made aware of ongoing issues and we can liaise with a single point of contact.

Cumberland FA are trying to address poor behaviour across youth football and therefore want to know where there are repeat offenders whose behaviour needs to be addressed. The FA has produced new Respect material including Codes of Conduct which you can download below:


Both the FA CRC and Safeguarding Training must be updated every 3 years.

Safeguarding Training Reminder

It is FA Best Practice policy that you and all your coaches and assistants have FA Safeguarding training renewed every 3 years. As you are aware, it is free to update online once they have attended a face to face workshop and this should be monitored alongside CRC compliance.

Cumberland FA Coaches

• Attending a workshop:

For new coaches and those who have never attended a workshop (or who attended more than 10 years ago) 3 hour Safeguarding Children Workshops are available to book online through the Cumberland FA website. They can also attend a workshop in another County FA.

Cumberland FA courses can be booked online HERE

• Online re-certification:

Anybody who has attended a 3 hour face to face workshop and whose qualification is over 2 years old, can update this online and it is FREE. It takes around 2 hours but does not need to be completed in one go, you can come back to it. It will automatically update on the FA system when it is completed.

It can be accessed through the Cumberland FA website.

As always, our Senior Safeguarding Lead, Ben Snowdon is here to support you and if there is anything you are unsure about or want to chat through a situation, please give Ben a call.

Ben Snowdon, Senior Safeguarding Lead, 07918 083638 /

Cumberland FA

Visit The FA Safeguarding Page

Guidance, advice, policy, procedures and regulations to help safeguard everyone involved in football.

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