Reporting Misconduct

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This season sees considerable changes in how match officials at all levels of the game can report the misconduct of players on the field of play and reports can now be submitted either online via the Whole Game System or via the traditional 'paper-based' system.

Please note that all instances of cautions and dismissals MUST be reported to the County FA; referees have NO discretion on this.

Submitting Discipline via Whole Game System

The Whole Game System allows Match Officials to submit reports electronically directly to the relevant County FA without the need to use email, via the referee reporting portal.

Referees can now submit the following reports through the Whole Game System for both League Matches and Non Competitive Matches (Pre-Season friendlies):


Referees who submit their cautions, dismissals and all other forms of misconduct through the Whole Game System do not need to send their reports by any other method. Once submitted, you will see a pdf of your reports available to download from your referee dashboard.

If you require further support on submitting your reports, then please contact discipline@Cumberland

Guidance on the process of completing and submitting your reports can be found by clicking on the links below:

Whole Game System Guidance Manual•
Whole Game System FAQs•FA Misconduct Reports - Practical Guide to Match Officials

Click HERE to access the Whole Game System - you will need to know your FAN and password to log in. If you do not know your FAN, then please contact us.

Submitting Discipline via traditional 'paper-based' method

If you do not have access to the Whole Game System, then please continue to submit reports via e-mail or post and these will be entered on to the system by the County FA.

Referees are able to report misconduct manually by completing the relevant Microsoft Excel document electronically and e-mail them to or send via post to Cumberland FA, 17 Oxford Street, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 2AL within 2 days of the fixture taking place (Sundays & Bank Holidays excluded).

To assist in the administration of the misconduct, please include team details on the form. (i.e. 1st, Reserves, U18, U17 etc). Please note that only the approved templates may be used by referees and not any personally designed electronic forms.

When submitting a caution, please ensure that the correct offence (C1 to C7) is inserted. If you are reporting a C1 offence, please ensure you complete the last column as well to define the sub-category of offence. (FA reports only). Standard Misconduct Report Forms should be used to report a player receiving two cautions in a match.

The documents required to submit discipline manually can be downloaded below:

FA Caution Report Form
FA Standard Misconduct Report Form
FA Misconduct Reports - Practical Guide to Match Officials

Personal Hearings

Referees and neutral Assistant Referees must attend Personal Hearings when required so to do. If a Referee or Assistant Referee fails to attend he/she shall be reported to the appropriate County FA. Any referee having accepted a request to attend a Personal Hearing is then required to close the date with all appropriate Competitions.

If you have any further queries regarding misconduct reporting, then please contact Steve Dobinson, Referee Development Officer on 07786 361337, or e-mail

Alternatively, please contact Emma Sharrock, Football Services Officer on 01900 872310 (option 2), or e-mail