Your Game

YOUR GAME is The FA’s free online support and advice tool for grassroots football administrators, coaches, parents and volunteers.

The FA’s Your Game website is packed full of really useful information that will support you if you already have a role in a club or league or, if you are looking for guidance on recruiting volunteers, sponsors or general tips that will help you and your club or league, you have come to the right place!

In addition to providing help to Parents and information on Coaching & Volunteering, if you are involved in running a club or league, make sure you visit the ‘Whats Your Pitch’ section located to the right side of the top menu bar. It’s full of great ideas, templates to help promote events at your club and loads of downloads that will help you in whatever role you have at your club.
Your Game contains some great practical advice on running a club, managing and organizing a league and Volunteering roles that can make all the difference to a successful club or league. There are lots of templates that can be easily downloaded which will give you the head start on creating useful materials such as press releases and posters for use around your club.

Your Game is also really user friendly and contains animated video to describe each section of the website so don’t worry, you don’t have to read reams of information, just sit back, watch and listen….once you know the section that will help you the most, just follow the link and get what you need!

Your Game – The FA’s one stop shop for supporting Administrators, Parents & Volunteers in Grassroots Football.