Walking Football in Cumberland

Walking Football

Keep Playing Football Beyond 50 in Cumberland

Walking football is a slower paced version of the beautiful game. This encourages accessibility to participants who areover 50 years of age or who are experiencing health problems.


The slow pace, lack of physical contact and social cohesion offers an environment that is full of physical, social and mental benefits. The sport is continuing to grow and develop in both a recreational sense, which will see players turn up and play, but also in a competitive environment in which fixtures are arranged against other sessions. 

There are currently 6 venues across Cumberland offering players the opportunity to play Walking Football.

How to get Involved

To support the ongoing development of Walking Football, we have put together a Walking Football toolkit which is aimed at individuals, organisations, groups and clubs who may wish to set up and deliver a Walking Football session, or to support existing Walking Football sessions to grow. The FA have developed the resource in partnership with Age UK, County FA’s and established Walking Football groups and it’s the first stage in a series of developments that will further support the growth of Walking Football.

Find Your Nearest Walking Football Centre

With the relevant information and contact details for each session:

Tuesday & Friday (2-3pm) @ Neil Centre

Contact: Carlisle United Football in the Community, John Halpin, 01228 554169 fitc@carlisleunited.co.uk

Friday (1:30 - 3pm) @ Botcherby Community Centre, Victoria Road, Carlisle
Contact: Ray Sempill, 078076 65543, Ray.Sempill@CumberlandFA.com

Friday (8:30 - 10am) @ Penrith Leisure Centre

Contact: Ann Rylands ann.rylands@gll.org

Monday & Wednesday (5-6pm) @ St Joseph's School

Contact: David Wise, 077425 47767, dw@st-josephs.cumbria.sch.uk

Thursday (11-12 noon) @ Whitehaven Leisure Centre

Contact: 01946 695666 Joanne.Lee@gll.org

Wednesday (11 - 12 noon) @ Wigton Rugby Club

Contact: Alan Rainford, AlanRainford859@btopenworld.com

Get in Touch

Cumberland FA

 Tel: 01900 511800

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Email: Development@CumberlandFA.com

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