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Inclusion and Diversity Zone

Football is open and accessible for all

Cumbria is one of the country’s most ethnically homogeneous counties. This may lead some to presume that this is not a priority area of work for Cumberland FA. 

We would argue differently and say that this is exactly why we must do more to promote inclusion within the game

We know we cannot force people to accept or appreciate differences, but efforts can certainly be made to encourage and foster Respect for others. We are committed to trying to create a game that is representative of our community; a game for all in Cumberland. In order to try and achieve this we will: 

- Deliver bespoke campaigns/interventions to increase the equality of opportunity for targeted underrepresented groups to play, coach, referee, volunteer and spectate.  

- Promote a culture of increased awareness and connection with clubs. Encourage greater communication about diversity - resulting in commitment to anti-discrimination and/or anti-racism club policies. 

- Operate and Educate with regards to FA rules and regulations and reporting processes and procedures around Discipline and Anti-Discrimination – work with Regional Discipline Managers to investigate and take appropriate action where poor or abusive behaviour or actions are reported and proven. 

- CFA to demonstrate and uphold principles of equality in all aspects of our work. This will include: 

Review current practices and procedures to try to attract applications for paid and volunteer roles from historically underrepresented groups in line with Football Leadership Diversity Code and Football Code of Governance

Working with FA and local partners to reimagine and reengage a new and purposeful IAG

Produce an Annual Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

Completing the Foundation Level of the Equality Standard and The Preliminary level in by the end of the 2023-24 season

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