Pete Sturgess

England DNA Foundation Phase

A Parents/Coaches and Clubs Guide to Long Term Player Development

A message from FA Technical Lead, Peter Sturgess (5-11years):

Coaches; to support the coaching of our young players, in line with the England DNA, a new resource has been developed to guide and inform all of the adults who work with our Foundation Phase players.

This new, free-to-access content resource has been created and published on our community platform powered by Hive Learning. It features a wealth of practical ideas, video clips, top tips and advice designed specifically to provide on-going support to the adults working within the Foundation Phase. 

All of this content has been aligned to the key messages of the England DNA but in an age-appropriate way. Doing this will connect the philosophy of the England senior and development teams to all of those aspiring young players taking the first steps of their football journey. 

The resource offers a blueprint for working with young children in order to provide an exciting and memorable Foundation Phase experience so that they also develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity.
The content has been split into two age groups: the under 5-8 child/player and the 9-12 child/player. This is to reflect the significant developmental issues relating to each age group. In each section, there is age-appropriate information so that coaches can begin to develop a real “expertise” within their preferred age group. 

Within each age group, the content is separated further into the four corners of development so that more specific information and detail can be provided as it relates to each corner. The FA’s Advanced Youth Award is also featured so that coaches at all levels can be exposed to the key messages of this flagship player development qualification.

Please join the rapidly growing number of coaches, parents and volunteers who are now developing our young players the “DNA way."



The Foundation Phase DNA Introduction

The Coache's Role in the Foundation Phase

The Four Corner Model Intro

The Role of Futsal in the Foundation Phase


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