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Please read our key guidance below for more information on the following areas; Sine Die Suspensions, FA Pitch & Goalpost Dimensions, International Clearance and Playing Against Foreign Opposition.

Whether you’ve just started out as a club administrator or you’ve been part of the game for longer than you can remember, we’re here to guide you through the rules and regulations that may come up in the course of running your club.


A player is placed under Sine Die suspension when they owe money to either the Cumberland FA or to a League or Club that has used the Debt Recovery Scheme.

Before signing a player it is essential that you check to ensure that they are not under any form of suspension. A player under Sine Die suspension is prevented from taking part in any form of football activity.

Any player under Sine Die suspension can have their suspension lifted immediately on payment of the outstanding debt.


The FA receives many enquiries regarding pitch and goalpost sizes that are suitable for specific age groups. Their are guidelines in place for each age group involved in the game.


FIFA Regulations (Article 9.1 of the RSTP) dictate that players registered at one Association may only be registered at a new Association once the latter has received an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the former association. It applies to all players of 10 years of age and over.

Cumberland FA urges Clubs to be vigilant when registering players. If you think they have played abroad they will need clearance before they can play (or be registered) in England ("Abroad" even applies to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The International Transfer Certificate (ITC) must be completed by the applicant club. The FA will then seek the player’s ITC from the former association. The player should not register or play for a club in England until the ITC has been issued and this has been confirmed to you by the FA Player Status Team.

If the player is a Refugee/Asylum Seeker, please ensure the correct process within this form is followed.

In addition, FIFA Article 19 prohibits the international transfer of minor players (under 18) unless one of the following exceptions applies:

The player's parents move to the new country for reasons not linked to football
The player lives within 50km of a national border, and transfers to a club no more than 50km on the other side of that border (cumulative total of 100km)
The player is registering for the first time and has lived continuously for at least the last 5 years in the country in which they wish to be registered

Separate provisions are in place for Refugees/Asylum Seekers, as well as Exchange Students, whose applications continue to be considered by the relevant FIFA Sub-Committee.

This form must be completed by the applicant club only. Applications submitted by a parent/guardian or third party will be rejected.
International Transfer Certificate (ITC) Application


Has your club lined up fixtures against a Foreign Club, either in England or Abroad?

Clubs wishing to play a match or series of matches against members of another national association must apply of the prescribed form to the Cumberland FA (ideally at least 60 days before the date of the intended match or the first of a series of matches).

The Cumberland FA has in its discretion the power to consent or refuse any application.

If consent has been given the Cumberland FA will inform the National FA who again has the power to consent or refuse any application.

The FA will inform all parties of its decision.


Are you looking to get your club’s Tournament sanctioned? Are you looking to get approval for a Charity Match?

Click the link below to apply to sanction an event with Cumberland FA (at least 14 days prior to your event). 

Application for Sanction Form