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INSURANCE 2023 - 24

Sportsguard and Cumberland FA Partnership 

Cumberland FA Insurance Scheme

Welcome to our dedicated page that gives you an insight into our insurance scheme provided by one of the UK’s largest grassroots sports insurance providers, Sportsguard.

Who are Sportsguard?

Sportsguard are an insurance brokers based in rural Northamptonshire. Sportsguard have over 30 years’ experience in grassroots sports insurance and have been insuring many County FA’s since the mid-90s.

The policies offered by Sportsguard:

Public Liability Insurance 

Public liability insurance provides protection against legal claims made against teams and clubs and is provided as part of Cumberland FA’s affiliation package.

All clubs should annually review their insurance policies. 

The Sportsguard public liability package is designed for grassroots football clubs and has been administered across England to 22 County FAs, the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

The scheme includes public liability, professional indemnity, management liability, player legal defence costs and other areas of cover too.

Player to player is not included in the Sportsguard public liability package. This has been replaced with a benefit called player legal defence costs which covers the legal costs associated legal claims against players. 

A full copy of the policy is available upon request with all associated terms, conditions and exclusions. 

Personal Accident Insurance 

Personal accident insurance provides protection against accidental player/official injuries.

Policies are available for: 

Adult 11v11 Teams 
Youth Teams 
Veterans, Women’s Summer League and Ability Counts Teams 
Walking Football Teams 

You will get all the cover options in PFF to buy one of the bespoke insurance packages available. If you wish to upgrade this cover at some point throughout the year you will need to contact Sportsguard directly.

Sportsguard have a dedicated page on their website for our scheme, for more information please visit or give them a call on 01604 644277.

How do we make a claim?

We have outlined all of the claims procedures on our website for the various products we sell, you can view these by clicking here.

In view of our success we thought you may find it useful to know that we also offer the following specialist Sport & Leisure products: 

Sportsguard also arrange sports property and equipment insurance. Sportsguard can cover items from portable team kit all the way up to stadiums. All quotations are on a no commitment basis. If you wanted to see how much it would cost to cover your sports property or equipment, please complete the online proposal form located here

Other products available are: Sports travel insurance, trustees insurance, trophies insurance. 

If you have anything sports related you wanted to insure, contact Sportsguard by visiting