Cumberland FA County Cup

Junior County Cup Competitions 2018/2019

Cumberland FA will soon be announcing the First Round ties for several of its Junior County Cup Competitions.

Junior clubs have been entering the optional competitions at various age groups during the club affiliation window, and the entry deadline has now passed.

Clubs are asked to check the entries below, as once the draws are made it may not be possible to accept new entries.

Under 18 County Cup

Carlisle City Juniors U18
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U18
Cockermouth Juniors U18
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U17
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U18
Maryport Amateurs U18
Moor Row Juniors U17
Seaton Juniors U18
Stanwix Juniors U18
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U18
Workington Reds Juniors U18 Black
Workington Reds Juniors U18 White

Under 16 County Cup

Abbeytown Juniors U15
Abbeytown Juniors U16
Bransty Rangers Juniors U16
Calthwaite Juniors U16
Carlisle City Juniors U16 Red
Carlisle Reivers U16
Castletown Juniors U15 Athletic
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U15
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U16
Cockermouth Juniors U15 Panthers
Cockermouth Juniors U16 Lightning
Creighton Juniors U15
Crusaders U16
Crusaders U16 Red
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U15
Edenvale Juniors U16 Harriers
Edenvale Juniors U16 Kestrels
Kingstown United Juniors U15
Maryport Amateurs U15
Maryport Athletic U16
Northbank Juniors 1970 U15
Northbank Juniors U16
Penrith AFC Juniors U16 Blues
Penrith AFC Juniors U16 Whites
Seaton Juniors U15
Unisun Athletic Juniors U15
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U15
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U16
Whitehaven Miners Social Juniors U15
Workington Wanderers AFC U15 Whites
Workington Reds Juniors U15
Workington Reds Juniors U16 Black

Under 14 County Cup

Abbeytown Juniors U13
Abbeytown Juniors U13 Athletic
Abbeytown Juniors U14
Bransty Rangers Juniors U13
Calthwaite Juniors U13
Carlisle Centurions U14 
Carlisle City Juniors U13
Carlisle City Juniors U14
Carlisle City Juniors U14 Whites
Carlisle Reivers U14
Castletown Juniors U13 Tigers
Castletown Juniors U14 Rangers
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U13
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U14
Cockermouth Juniors U13 JFC
Cockermouth Juniors U13 United
Cockermouth Juniors U14 Cougars
Cockermouth Juniors U14 Galaxy
Crown Newlaithes Juniors U13
Crusaders U13
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U13
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U14
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U14 2000
Dearham Rangers U14
Keswick Juniors U13 Red
Kingstown United Juniors U13
Maryport Amateurs U13
Maryport Athletic U14
Morton Manor Juniors U13
Northbank Juniors U13
Northbank Juniors U14
Penrith AFC Juniors U14
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Panthers
Seaton Juniors U13 Athletic
Seaton Juniors U13 Utd
Senhouse Juniors U13
St Bees Juniors U13
St Bees Juniors U14
Stanwix Juniors U14
Upperby Park Juniors U13
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U13 Blues
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U13 Reds
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U14
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U13 Blue
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U13 Yellow
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U14
Whitehaven Miners Social Juniors U13
Windscale Juniors U13
Windscale Juniors U14
Workington Rangers U14
Workington Reds Juniors U13
Workington Reds Juniors U14 Black
Workington Reds Juniors U14 White

Under 12 County Cup

Abbeytown Juniors U12
Carlisle Centurions U12
Carlisle City Juniors U12 Navy
Carlisle City Juniors U12 Sky
Castletown Juniors U12 Dragons**
Castletown Juniors U12 Wolves**
Castletown Juniors U12 Blades
Castletown Juniors U12 Castletown
Cleator Moor Celtic Juniors U12 Green
Cockermouth Juniors U12 AC
Cockermouth Juniors U12 Inter
Crown Newlaithes Juniors U12
Crusaders U12
Dalston Juniors Black Reds U12 2000
Dearham Rangers U12
Edenvale Juniors U12 Hawks
Grassroad Sharks U12
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U12
Keswick Juniors U12 Red
Langwathby United Juniors U12 Colts
Maryport Amateurs U12
Moor Row Juniors U12 Blacks
Moor Row Juniors U12 Reds
Northbank Juniors U12
Pirelli Juniors U12
Seaton Juniors U12 Athletic
Seaton Juniors U12 Utd
Silloth Juniors U12 Mini Gulls
St Bees Juniors U12
Unisun Athletic Juniors U12
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U12 Blues
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U12 Reds
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U12 Blue
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U12 Yellow
Whitehaven Miners Social Juniors U12
Workington Reds Juniors U12 Black
Workington Reds Juniors U12 Red
Workington Reds Juniors U12 White

Under 16 Girls County Cup

Abbeytown Juniors U15 Girls
Carlisle City Juniors U15 Girls
Carlisle City Juniors U16 Girls
Castletown Juniors U15 Girls
Cockermouth Juniors U16 Girls
Stanwix Juniors U16 Girls Hornets
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U15 Girls
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U16 Girls
Workington Reds Juniors U16 Diamonds

The Under 12 and Under 14 Girls County Competitions will once again follow the format of previous seasons. Match Day 1 and 2 will be played at central venue sites in October and March, followed by Semi-Finals of the County Cup, County Trophy and County Plate Competitions.

Under 14 Girls County Competition

Abbeytown Juniors U13 Girls
Allerdale Girls U13 Girls
Castletown Juniors U13 Girls Raiders
Cockermouth Juniors U14 Girls
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U14 Girls
Maryport Amateurs U14 Girls
Northbank Juniors 1970 U13 Girls
Northbank Juniors U14 Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Girls Crusaders
Stanwix Juniors U13 Girls Hornets
Stanwix Juniors U14 Girls Hornets
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U13 Girls Blue
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U14 Girls
Workington Reds Juniors U14 Diamonds

Under 12 Girls County Competition

Abbeytown Juniors U12 Girls**
Abbeytown Juniors U12 Girls Athletic
Allerdale Girls U12 Girls**
Bigrigg Bulls Juniors U12 Girls**
Castletown Juniors U12 Girls**
Cockermouth Juniors U12 Girls
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U12 Girls**
Maryport Amateurs U12 Girls
Northbank Juniors 1970 U12 Girls**
Northbank Juniors U12 Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Girls Sapphires
Pirelli Juniors U12 Girls**
Stanwix Juniors U12 Girls Wasps**
Stanwix Juniors U12 Girls Hornets**
Stanwix Juniors U12 Girls FC
Unisun Athletic Juniors U12 Girls
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U12 Girls Blue**
Whitehaven AFC Juniors U12 Girls White
Workington Reds Juniors U12 Diamonds Red
Workington Reds Juniors U12 Diamonds White

If your team is missing from this list, or if you would like your team to be removed from a County Cup Competition, then we ask that you let us know by no later than Friday 10 August 2018.

Please confirm to or 01900 511800

Please CLICK HERE to view the County Cup Competition Dates for Season 2018-2019.

Follow us on Twitter @CumberlandFA and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to keep up to date with County Cup news and draws.

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