Help Shape The FA's Respect Programme in Cumberland

Cumberland FA is looking to develop a series of resources to help support the re-launch of the FA Respect Programme in Cumberland for the 2018-19 football season.

To get things started, we would like this resource to feature children’s thoughts on their experiences in football. In particular, we are looking for children to have an input into the design of what these resources will look like so that other children can relate to them.

We’re encouraging all children in Cumberland (under the age of 16) to get involved by producing a poster which focuses on at least one of the following topics:

1. Produce a poster and/or leaflet which highlights what RESPECT means to you

2. Produce a poster and/ or leaflet about what you ‘Like’ about playing football

3. Produce a poster and/ or leaflet about what you ‘Dislike’ about playing football

We would like the children to be as creative as possible, so have kept this brief open to interpretation. Please note that children should state their age on their entries.

We have a number of prizes on offer for any poster/ leaflet or picture that features in our finished resource, which will be selected by a panel of judges. Prizes include:

• Two complimentary tickets to the FA Community Shield on 5th August 2018 at Wembley Stadium

• Two complimentary tickets to any home Carlisle United league fixture of your choice at Brunton Park

• A Nike football for any work which features in our RESPECT programme moving forward

Please send all completed submissions to: James Reid, Cumberland FA, Units 3 & 4, Station Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9QW.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 9 July 2018, and we will communicate the winners shortly after.

If you have any further questions, please email or call 01900 811500 / 07918 083637.