21 Days of Positivity

21 Days of Positivity

Cumberland FA backs The FA's 21 Days of Positivity campaign!

Cumberland FA are pleased to back The FA 21 Days of Positivity campaign!

Why 21 Days?

21 days is the time it takes to form a habit and the ideal amount of time to allow you to understand the best methods to use for your coaching style.

For three weeks from the 21st January, there will be a mixture of information, hints, tips and suggested actions to take to strengthen your relationship within your teams and help create a long lasting positive environment for them to continue to enjoy the game for many years to come.

This is also perfect opportunity to get parents more involved in the game, teaching them how to adapt their behaviour and help create a more positive environment on the touch line for their children.

We want everyone to get back the core reason we all play, coach and watch football - the love of the game.

On top of that, every coach that completes the full 21 days will be entered into a draw to win a new Nike team kit for their team, as well as bibs, balls and a cones bundle (terms and conditions apply).


Encouraging coaches to assess how they are feeling. Giving them a chance to take a step back and reflect

  • Provide easy to follow, accessible hints and tips to improve positivity in training and games.
  • Increase understanding of why positivity is important in grassroots football.
  • Improve the team’s experience so they notice a difference in their enjoyment in the game.
  • Getting parents more involved in the game.
  • Teaching parents about how to adapt behaviour to create more positive interactions.

Registration for the 21 Days of Positivity initiative starts on January 2nd 2019 until 18th January 2019 when registration closes and the activity will begin.

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