Sunday League in Cumberland

Sunday Football in West Cumbria

Egremont & District Sunday League are encouraging new teams to join the League!

With teams now looking towards season 2020-21 and preparing to play when it is safe to return, the Egremont and District Sunday League are encouraging new Clubs to apply to join the West Cumbria league.

The Egremont and District Sunday League kick off at 10.30 am on Sunday mornings. Midweek games during the lighter evenings take place on Thursday evening's to avoid any clashes with other leagues in the area.  

Tony Barnett, the League Chairman commented "Following the abrupt end to last season due to the coronavirus; we are hopeful, when things resume, that the existing teams will be once again be ready to go, and that other new teams may form to increase the numbers playing across the area. It is an opportunity for footballers whether young or old to get involved in the game we all love!"

New Club Support 

Cumberland FA have provided a short presentation for any potential new Clubs.

Watch and listen to the presentation which should hopefully answer some initial queries you may have and outlines the support Cumberland FA can give you. If  you're interested in setting up a new Club, you can complete the ‘New Club Enquiry Form’ to help Cumberland FA offer you the support needed and get in touch.

Find out More about Setting Up a New Club

If you need any advice from the Egremont and District Sunday Football League you can contact Tony Barnett for further guidance.

 Email Tony Barnett


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