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CFA Operations During Lockdown 2

Staff Availability,Contact Details and More During LD2

Following the recent announcement that England will go into National Lockdown from Thursday until the 2nd December and The FA confirming that this will include training and matches (both indoor and out, adult and youth),

Cumberland FA have had to make some changes to its staffing as a direct result. 

This will see most staff return to flexible furlough arrangements for the next 4 weeks, whilst still following government guidance and working remotely.  

Please see the below timetable:


Staff Member


Ben Snowdon, Craig Lewis, Helen Aitchison (am), Daniel Key (am)


Ben Snowdon, Ray Sempill, Helen Aitchison (am)


Ben Snowdon, Helen Aitchison (am), Mel Sandwith (pm), Emma Sharrock (½ day)


Ben Snowdon. James Reid, Helen Aitchison (am)


Ben Snowdon, Helen Aitchison (am), Daniel Key (pm)

Contacting Us 

The CFA Office remains closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future in line with current guidance. 

During this time people are asked to either telephone us on 01900 511 800 and then go to: 

Option 1 – Football Services (Discipline, Affiliation, County Cups, Business & Finance etc.) 
Option 2 – Football Development (Clubs and Leagues, Technology (Full Time, Matchday App, Whole Game System), Refereeing, Facilities, Courses etc.) 
Option 3 – Safeguarding and Welfare 

Or alternatively by e-mailing or 

Please note that there may be a delay in responding to your e-mail or call, when compared to usual response times and service levels. 

If there is no one available to take your call, then please just leave a message and a member of the staff team will get back to you as soon as they can. 

CEO, Ben Snowdon, stated: 
“The staff had their first full day back together as a team on Monday only to be told on Tuesday that ‘non-elite’ football was to be suspended for 4 weeks. 

This was therefore a difficult decision that we have had to begrudgingly make.  

As a members organisation we had to weigh up our obligation to provide a service to our members, the reduced workload due to the game being suspended, the wellbeing and motivation of our staff team and the financial savings that utilising the extended job retention scheme brings to us as a company. 

Ultimately the unanimous decision from all involved was that it was in the best interest of the game locally that we furlough staff as a cost efficiency saving, in the hope that we can reinvest this back into the game in the future.

I would like to thank our members for their patience and understanding to date and ask that they bear with us for hopefully just a little while longer until we return to our full compliment of staff. 

I would also like to thank our Chair and Board of Director for their understanding and ongoing commitment to the local game and our workforce.   

Finally, I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude to the staff team as I know that, like many others, it has not been an easy time for them being removed from the game and a role that they are so passionate about.  I am proud of them and the way that they have supported each other.  They have all seen the bigger picture and what is best for the game, rather than necessarily themselves, during what has been a challenging and difficult time.”


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