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Cumberland Photo Challenge

Stay connected during the break in play and join us in the #CumberlandPhoto Challenge!

Join in with our 30 Day #CumberlandPhoto Challenge

To stay connected with the grassroots football community, Cumberland FA are running a daily photo challenge to keep football on the agenda during the break in play and share memories of games and occasions.

Although we began the challenge at the start of the lockdown, you can join in at any time, on any day and don't worry if you've missed our post - we are adding photos to our 'days' all the time.

How can you get involved?

Look through your photos and get involved in our #CumberlandPhoto Challenge!

Photographers - Coaches - Teams - Spectators - Clubs - Anyone who wants to #connect

Cumberland Photo Challenge 

Tag us in your photos and use #CumberlandPhoto

Let’s share the memories and get through this lockdown together!

*Please ensure you have the correct permissions before sharing the photos.

 View our Full Daily Gallery on Facebook below:

DAY 1 | Best Goal Celebration

DAY 2 | Goalkeeper in Full Flight

DAY 3 | Pre Match Handshake

DAY 4 | Flashiest Boots

DAY 5 | Goal Celebration Pitch Side

DAY 6 | Best Free Kick Wall

DAY 7 | Referee in Action

DAY 8 | Cleanest Kit

DAY 9 | Muddiest Kit

DAY 10 | Team Sponsor

DAY 11 | Nicest View in the Background

DAY 12 | Grounds Team Preparing the Pitch


More days to be added as we go along! Visit our Facebook page to see them all!

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