Youth Cup Entries

Cumberland FA are currently taking entries for the Youth County Cup competitions for Season 2021-22. Entries close on 20 August.

115 Youth Teams have so far entered the Cumberland FA Youth County Cup competitions ahead of season 2021-22 (details correct up to 13 August 2021).

Clubs have until Friday 20 August 2021 to enter the relevant teams into the youth competition (all Club secretaries have received an email – if you’re a Club Secretary and would like the email re-sent with the details to enter your Club teams online please email at the earliest opportunity).

Once the entries have closed following the 20 August, the list of entries for each competition will be confirmed and details of the upcoming live draws (on our Facebook page) will be made available.

Click to view the County Cup Round dates for Season 2021-22

The Cumberland FA Competition Committee will continue to review the ongoing situation and work in line with Government and FA guidance.

For Season 2021-22 we are also hoping to utilise The FA Matchday App, more details to follow.

Entries (Correct up to 13 August 2021)

Under 12 Mixed

AFC Carlisle U12
Carlisle City Juniors U12
Cockermouth Juniors U12 Greens
Cockermouth Juniors U12 Yellows
Crown Newlaithes Juniors U12
Dalston Junior Black Reds U11
Dalston Junior Black Reds U12
Dalston Junior Black Reds U12 2000
Gillford Park Juniors U12
Grassroad Sharks U12
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U11
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U11 sky
Harraby Catholic Club Juniors U12
Langwathby United Juniors U12 Tigers
Maryport Amateurs U12
Maryport Athletic U12
Morton Manor Juniors U11s
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Blues
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Eagles
Seaton FC U12 Rovers
Seaton FC U12 Village
Silloth Juniors U12
Stanwix Juniors U12
Unisun Athletic Juniors U12
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U12 Blues
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U12 Reds
Windscale Juniors U12 Blues
Workington Reds Juniors U12

Under 12 Girls

Bransty Rangers Juniors U12 Girls
Cockermouth Juniors U12 Girls
Gillford Park Juniors U12 Gillies Girls
Gillford Park Juniors U12 Girls
Gillford Park Juniors U12 Girls Greens
Gillford Park Juniors U12 Girls Purple*
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Eagles Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Falcons Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U12 Pumas Girls*
Pirelli Juniors U12 Girls
Silloth Juniors U11 Girls
Stanwix Juniors U12 Girls Hornets
Unisun Athletic Juniors U12 Girls
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U12 Pumas Girls

Under 14 Mixed

Bransty Rangers Juniors U13
Carlisle Centurions U13 Blue
Carlisle Centurions U14 Blue
Carlisle City Juniors U14
Cockermouth Juniors U14 Real
Dalston Junior Black Reds U14
Dalston Junior Black Reds U14 2000
Gillford Park Juniors U14 Gillies
Grassroad Sharks U13
Langwathby United Juniors U14 Colts
Maryport Amateurs U13
Maryport Amateurs U14
Penrith AFC Juniors U14
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Blues
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Eagles
Seaton FC U13 Rovers
Seaton FC U14 Utd
Seaton FC U14 Village
Stanwix Juniors U13 United
Stanwix Juniors U13 FC
Stanwix Juniors U14
Unisun Athletic Juniors U13
Unisun Athletic Juniors U14
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U13 Blues
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U13 Reds
Workington Reds Juniors U14 Blacks
Workington Reds Juniors U14 Whites

Under 14 Girls

Allerdale Girls U14 Pumas
Cockermouth Juniors U14 Girls
Gillford Park Juniors U14 Greens Girls
Maryport Amateurs U14 Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Panthers Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U14 Sapphires Girls
Senhouse Juniors U13 Girls
Stanwix Juniors U14 Girls 1994
Stanwix Juniors U14 Girls Hornets
Stanwix Juniors U14 Girls Wasps
Unisun Athletic Juniors U14 Girls

Under 16 Mixed

Bransty Rangers Juniors U16
Carlisle City Juniors U15 Navy
Carlisle City Juniors U15 Sky
Carlisle City Juniors U16
Cockermouth Juniors U15 JFC
Cockermouth Juniors U16 AFC
Cockermouth Juniors U16 JFC
Crown Newlaithes Juniors U15*
Dalston Junior Black Reds U15
Dalston Junior Black Reds U16
Langwathby United Juniors U16
Maryport Athletic U16
Penrith AFC Juniors U15 Blues
Penrith AFC Juniors U16 Wolves
Seaton FC U15 Athletic
Seaton FC U16 Athletic
Senhouse Juniors U16
Stanwix Juniors U15 FC
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U15 Reds
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U16 Blues
Windscale Juniors U16
Workington Reds Juniors U15 Reds
Workington Reds Juniors U15 Whites
Workington Reds Juniors U16

Under 16 Girls

Cockermouth Juniors U16 Girls
Penrith AFC Juniors U15 Sapphires Girls
Stanwix Juniors U16 Girls FC

Under 18 Mixed

Carlisle City Juniors U17
Crown Newlaithes Juniors U17*
Kingstown United Juniors U18
Langwathby United Juniors U18
Maryport Amateurs U18
Penrith AFC Juniors U18
Stanwix Juniors U18 Girls Hornets
Warwick Wanderers Juniors U17
Windscale Juniors U18
Workington Wanderers AFC U18

*Entry to be confirmed

Details correct as of 5pm on 13 August 2021.