Marathon Man 110

Inspired by the Marathon Man

Calling all Cumberland Clubs and Teams - Lets Get Behind The Marathon Man 110 As The Inspirational Challenge Moves Into The Final Week

Cumberland FA have been keeping a close eye on the progress of ‘the Marathon Man’ Gary McKee who on Friday 21st May will be running his 110th Marathon in 110 Days..

The ‘mind-blowing’ challenge of 110 consecutive marathons, which began on 1st February is raising valuable funds for Hospice at Home West Cumbria and Macmillan Cancer Support. So far Gary has raised more than £95,000 for the charities as he aims to run 2,882 miles in 110 days! 

We’re encouraging the grassroots football community To Get behind this amazing challenge and encourage donations to these two fantastic charities.

On 31st March 2021, Day 59 of the Challenge, Cumberland FA sponsored Gary’s vest and the CFA Staff got involved (individually) to run or walk in support. 

Marathon Man 110

Of course, Gary couldn’t do this without the fantastic support of his family, friends and fellow runners. The local community has really got behind the ‘Marathon Man’ and we now want to get the grassroots football community heading into Day 110!

Donate to Marathon Man 110

We’re asking Cumberland Clubs and Teams to get involved during the last week, starting this weekend; to show support, donate to two fantastic causes and help bring an end to this amazing challenge!

Whether this is in your training sessions, pre-match warm-ups or warms downs or individually, get involved and support the Marathon Man! 

The magic number will be ‘26’ next week….scroll down for some ideas…..get sponsored or encourage others to donate and show your support for this amazing challenge:

- Can your Team / Club or smaller group walk / run / cycle for 1 mile each to record a marathon or beyond?

- Can you do 26 laps around an appropriately sized football pitch (for your age and fitness levels)?

- Can you do 26 keepy ups as a team?

- Take 26 penalties at training or shots against a parent? 

- Take 26 touches of the ball as quick as you can? 

- Dribble the ball for 26 yards/metres, 260 yards/meters or round 26 cones? 

- Make and sell 26 football cakes and donate the income? 

We all know the power of social media and word of mouth, so can you challenge your club or team to share this amazing story with 26 other people to continue to raise the profile and help get Gary over £110,000 !?!

Of course, these are just some ideas....If you want to get involved it would be fantastic - There has been so much support for Gary and his team throughout the Challenge but we're sure any support, 'shout outs' or donations during the last week will be very much appreciated!

Share your efforts with us! Tag us @CumberlandFA on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Donate to the Marathon Man

 Follow Gary McKee (the Marathon Man 110) on Twitter @Marathon_Man110 or Like his page on Facebook