The Cumberland Ability Counts League

Champions Crowned

The Cumberland Ability Counts League Champions were presented with their Trophies in an action packed evening!

It was a busy evening for The Cumberland sponsored Ability Counts League this week, with the League Trophy competition taking place following the league decider last month.

The League placings were decided last month during the August fixture date with teams playing for the ‘Cup’ in September. There is just one fixture date remaining of the 2021 season, with Soccerworld in Carlisle the destination in October!

The Cumberland Ability Counts League returned in 2021 bringing back matches for the disability teams across the county, for the first time since 2019. 

Ray Sempill, Football Development Officer for Cumberland FA said: “The league wouldn’t have returned without the support of the Clubs and Teams involved and the fantastic volunteers behind the scenes. It has been fantastic to see the players return in 2021 and we’re looking forward to next month’s season finale.” 

The Premiership and the Championship divisions have been very competitive this season, with the league Champions both decided by just one point. The winners were presented with their trophies on Tuesday.

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The Cumberland Ability Counts League
Premiership League Champions - Carlisle City Deaf FC
Runners Up: Carlisle Reivers Panthers


The Cumberland Ability Counts League
Championship League Champions - Windscale Isotopes
Runners Up: Carlisle Reivers Cheetahs


For The Cup

The September fixtures were ‘For the Cup’ with three trophies to play for. Congratulations to the Winners of the competitions!

The matches were full of goals, celebrations and smiles throughout the evening!

The Cumberland Ability Counts League 

Premiership Trophy Winners - Carlisle Reivers Panthers
Runners Up: Carlisle Spartans Unique Ability

The Cumberland Ability Counts League
Championship Trophy Winners - Carlisle Reivers Cheetahs
Runners Up: Windscale Isoptopes


The Cumberland Ability Counts League
Values Shield Winners - Carlisle United FC Community Trust

Ray Sempill continued: We had another brilliant evening at The Cumberland Ability Counts League, the highest scoring event of the year!

It was fantastic to be able to present four different trophies to four different winners across the two divisions, showing the strength of the league. But the spirit of the competition is what we’re really proud of; the level of sportsmanship on show from all teams was amazing, in both victory and defeat.

The Ability Counts League are now on the look out for new teams for the 2022 season, which is due to begin in March. 

Cumberland FA would like to encourage any disability organisation, grassroots club or individuals who would like to get involved in the league, to get in touch!

We are always looking for new players and teams to get involved with the Ability Counts League, so please do get in touch with us to ask about the next steps in time for season 2022.

If any Clubs or organisations would like to get involved or find out more information, please contact 01900 511800.