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The 2021-22 Mini Soccer Season Has Started, Here's A Reminder About Publishing Results For Under 11 Football.

Cumberland FA would like to remind Clubs of their responsibility regarding publishing results for Under-7 to Under-11s. 

Following a number of changes to formats and regulations over the past few years, mainly due to The FA Youth Development Review and with new volunteers, players and spectators getting involved in grassroots football each season, we are aware of the constant need to communicate changes and support Leagues and Clubs in delivering these changes. 

Cumberland FA would like to remind all those involved in the game that results for Under 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s and 11s must not be published – in any format. 

Our three local Youth Leagues support this stance. You may have noticed their websites do not publish the results at these age groups.

However, with the increased use of social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc, results can be published in a variety of different ways by individuals associated with the grassroots game. 

Cumberland FA are urging clubs to continue to communicate this information to team managers and parents / carers as this is a shared responsibility; to remember that football is to be enjoyed and is not always about the result. 

Research shows that children enjoy the game more by creating the right environment for them to play in. This means allowing them to play with freedom, allowing them to make mistakes and encouraging them to make their own decisions – untroubled by score lines. It’s a philosophy called ‘Let Them Play’. 

What Does This Mean? 

There must be no publication of scores, results or tables on websites, social media or any other means referring to Under-7 to Under-11 football. 

Reports or posts which highlight the efforts and performances of teams are permitted however detailing results, scores and scorers are not permitted. 

This does not mean Cumberland FA are suggesting that Under-11 football should not be celebrated and promoted. 

We want to hear about the experiences of youngsters in grassroots football in Cumberland and help support and promote the fantastic efforts and work going on across the county. We also know coaches, parents and carers want to talk about football across social media – but scores and results can’t be! 

The FA's 'We Only Do Positive' campaign aims to promote and educate coaches and parents on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all the players, ensuring they have great experiences throughout their football journey. 


Download the NEW Code of Conduct Resources

Cumberland FA Youth Players

Below Are A Couple Of Examples (Names Used Are Not Real) Highlighting Some Dos And Dont's. These Are Not Exhaustive And Provide Only A Guide: 


‘So proud of young Daniel scoring in his match today’ 

‘A fantastic performance from my team today – proud of all my players!’ 

‘A great effort by all my players in the game today’ 

‘Played Futsal today – some cracking goals and great efforts from the players’ 

‘Great game today, our goal scorers against Wanderers were Emma and Ben.’ 


‘So proud of my son Ray today, scoring in their Under-8's win over United’ 

‘Won 2-1 today – well done girls’ 

‘Beat City today – get in!’ 

‘Great game today, our goal scorers against Wanderers were Emma and Ben. Wanderers scorers were Helen (2), Craig and Dan.’ 

Cumberland FA understands the importance of providing a fun environment for children to learn and enjoy the game. These regulations have been reiterated to support the development of players. 

Social Media is a fantastic tool to communicate and Cumberland FA is fully aware that the majority of people use this appropriately. 

All comments on these networking sites may and should be considered public, and anything deemed improper which brings the game into disrepute could lead to disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of all football to reduce and eradicate threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting behaviour, and the interactive environment is no different. 


Reporting Results: 21 (D)       
The Competition and Clubs are permitted to collect but NOT publish results or any grading tables for fixtures involving Under 7s, Under 8s, Under 9s, Under 10s, and Under 11s. 


FA Guidance

Parents, children and football clubs generally look forward to celebrating and or publicising footballing successes by photographing children at matches and events. Documenting a child’s involvement and progress through the season both by film and photos is widely accepted as contributing to the enjoyment of the game.  

It’s also recognised some coaches find it helpful to use photographs or film as a coaching tool to support a player’s development. The FA recognises the use of photos and film on websites, social media, posters, within the press or other publications, can pose direct and indirect risks to children if they are not managed appropriately. 

However, the taking of appropriate photographs and or filming of children is supported by The FA. 

Everyone wishing to film or take photos in football has a responsibility to familiarise themselves with and adhere to the following guidance provided by The FA. 

Download Guidance   

Match Highlights 

With technology moving on and more teams having access to video technology, we are seeing an increase in Clubs producing highlights to share with their teams and also online. 

Cumberland FA would like to remind Clubs sharing any highlights to ensure it is done responsibly. We all love to see the goals, saves, great tackles and game play; but sharing own goals and opposition mistakes is not in the spirit of the game.  

Visit The FA's Safeguarding page for further guidance, advice, policy, procedures and regulations to help safeguard everyone involved in football. 


If you have a concern regarding Safeguarding, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Mel Sandwith on or 01900 511800.