Grassroots Football Awards

It's time to celebrate the people who make grassroots football in Cumberland great for everyone!

The England Football and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards are to recognise and celebrate the people who put their heart and soul into the grassroots game across England, and to say a huge thank you to the incredible volunteers who inspire us all. 

So, what does it take to win a Grassroots Football Award?

You tell us because it’s down to you to tell us the people who deserve to win by nominating them. The closing date for nomination is 16 May 2022.

The winners will be people who have really made a difference and can demonstrate how they make their positive impact happen.

They behave with fairness and integrity, they create fun, safe and inclusive environments for everyone.

They encourage the very best, both in themselves and in everybody around them.

They have risen to overcome challenges and they make a truly positive impact in their community.

The Awards are split into ten categories. You nominate the people you think deserve national recognition.  


Grassroots Coach of the Year for Youth
Grassroots Coach of the Year for Adults
Grassroots Club of the Year
Grassroots League of the Year
Grassroots Volunteer of the Year
Rising Star of the Year
Grassroots Grounds Team of the Year
Grassroots Project of the Year
Grassroots Match Official of the Year
The Spirit of Grassroots Football Award

EFGA Nominate 

For more information and to make your nomination click HERE 

The England Football and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards are our way to champion the positive impact people have made in grassroots football up and down the country. We celebrate the diversity of the football communities across England, the beating heart of what makes our game truly great for everyone.

We want to praise and recognise those people who embody all that is good about football, and who apply those qualities and values to the clubs, leagues and local communities they enrich.

When selecting your nominees, think about all the roles in grassroots football. Think about who’s impressed you, who’s really made a difference – and how they made that positive impact happen. The more details you can give us, the better. 

We have our own PRIDE values which should help you to make your nomination choices. These values and ways of behaving are what we all strive towards in the game.

When making your choices, think about who has demonstrated all of the following values:

Progressive - always looking to improve and innovate
Respectful - leading by example to inspire positive behaviour 
Inclusive - uniting all people of any age, ethnicity and background 
Determined - rising to and overcoming challenges
Excellent - striving to make football the best it can be


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