UEFA Women’s EURO resources


Download the digital pack, consisting of free, digital, cross-curricular resources all themed around the Women’s EURO 2022 competition!

UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 is coming to England in July and is set to be the biggest European women’s sport event ever.

16 nations competing across 10 venues, in nine cities with the next generation at the heart of its celebrations. 

Schools don’t have to wait until the summer though to feel part of this huge event with the launch of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Schools Programme that aims to inspire and unite schools and pupils to get involved with the tournament. 

The programme gives teachers across the country access to a digital pack, consisting of free, digital, cross-curricular resources all themed around the Women’s EURO.

The resources, produced by an educational specialist who has worked closely with teachers to ensure they fit in with the school curriculum, include an array of activities and tips from how to run a EURO themed assembly to challenge packs consisting of 22 activities ranging across play, support and learn themes. 

Pupils will be able to fill out a tournament time journal as well as take on the role of organisers with creating their own Fan Zone, all alongside football festival packs and several take-home resources. 

Available for Key Stage Two and Key Stage Three [can be adapted for other age groups including Key Stage One], resources will be released all the way up to the tournament to also include topics and themes such as, PSHE, Literacy, Maths, PE, Culture and Heritage and reading challenges.

Schools and teachers can sign up now to access and download resources for free from www.WEURO2022Schools.com

UEFA Women’s EURO resources

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