Four Fellas

Four Fellas’ Premier League Drive 4 Prostate

All donations will go directly to Prostate Cancer UK, in loving memory of Roland Donald

The Four Fella's - four Cumbrian football dads - are keen to remember one of their own dads who sadly passed away from Prostate Cancer. He too loved the game and was an active member of the football club the children play for.  

CarSo, in the honour of Roland Donald (and all those who have been affected by Prostate Cancer) The Four Fella's are raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and Silloth-on-Solway Junior Football Club.

They are doing this in the spirit of football by completing a 72 hour marathon drive from their Club HQ in Silloth to each of the 20 Premier League grounds and Wembley Stadium (starting on 30th September).

All donations through Just Giving will go directly to Prostate Cancer UK. 

They are planning to hold a fundraising evening after the trip to auction/raffle any gifts donated, with proceeds being shared between Prostate Cancer UK and Silloth Junior Football Club.