Cumberland FA Office

Changes to Cumberland FA Board

An update on positions within the Cumberland FA Board following the passing of our late and great chairman, Mr Fred Conway

Cumberland FA’s late and great chairman, Mr Fred Conway, undertook so many vital roles on behalf of the County FA that his passing left a huge hole within the County from both an emotional and physical perspective. Due mainly to his personality, but also his huge dedication to grassroots football within Cumberland, he can and never will be truly replaced. 

However, the County FA has been left with the difficult task of at least satisfying some of the roles he fulfilled on our behalf, in order to ensure that we continue to meet legislation and FA regulations in line with companies house and FA Articles, but more importantly to ensure Fred’s legacy in that we continue to delivery football for our members within the county. 

The Board of Directors recently met to put in place an interim plan to ensure that they can continue to lead the business and operations as best they can. This will see the three appointed directors move across into the elected positions to ensure that the Board is in line with the counties articles of association. Longer term, any changes are subject to the provisions of the articles of association and would need approval at the CFA's next AGM. 

It was also agreed, in line with the articles and powers bestowed of the Board, that Cumberland FA's long standing Vice Chairman, John Rogerson, would take on the role as Chairman until the end of the season. 

John Rogerson

John Rogerson, said of his appointment: 

“It was a great shock for everybody in any way connected to football in the county when our chairman Fred Conway passed away so suddenly.  As his long-term vice chairman I have accepted the role of chairman until the end of the season, which gives the Board of Directors and the dedicated staff time to plan out the way forward to the good of grassroots football in the county.”

Local Referee, league official and current Finance Director for Cumberland FA, Adam Pattison, was also nominated and accepted the position of Vice Chair, which he will fulfil alongside his Finance Director role. 

Adam Pattison.

Following his appointment, Adam stated, 

“I am delighted to be appointed vice chair until the end of the season. It of course comes as a bitter sweet appointment following the untimely loss of our Chair, Fred Conway, who was so instrumental in everything grassroots football related and beyond. It goes without saying, that he is missed by the grassroots community and will continue to be. 

"However, the Board of Directors, the members of staff of the Cumberland FA will continue to drive the provision of grassroots football forward with the support of all the clubs, officials and all the volunteers. 

"Having been involved with the board of directors as finance director since January 2019, (and before that, a football referee, and still active with),  I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved within the Cumberland FA and dealing with the various challenges that we have been presented with. I am looking forward to working alongside my fellow directors, committees, staff and of course our member clubs to help build the grassroots game throughout Cumbria.”

Finally, CEO Ben Snowdon was asked to take on the role of representative to The FA, which will see him sit on FA Council on behalf of the County FA.

ben snowdon

Ben stated: 

“Whilst, given the circumstances, I would obviously prefer not to be in this position, I am honoured and will continue, as I have always done, to work as hard as I can in the best interests of the game and more specifically Cumberland. I appreciate, that in terms of those who have fulfilled this position before me, that I am standing on the shoulders of giants and that I wouldn’t be in the position I am without the support and advice from those who have fulfilled the role, whilst I have been with the County.”