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Playing Football During June

June is classed as the closed season

As a reminder to grassroots football across Cumberland, June is classed as the closed season and in line with FA Regulations, 11v11 games, both Youth & Adult are not permitted during June unless they fall under one of the categories below and have the permission of the Sanctioning Authority and/or County FA.

B21.3.1 Small-sided Matches and competitions (not more than 7-a-side), mini-soccer Matches, or Matches played according to “The Laws of the Game – 9 v 9” and those organised in connection with works clubs’ sports days on private grounds and at fetes and similar sports functions.

B21.3.2 Matches between Army, Navy and Royal Air Force teams and teams of the Auxiliary Forces in Competitions whilst in camp. Such Competitions shall be strictly confined to the units concerned and gate money shall not be taken.

B21.3.3 Matches involving members of scouts, guides, and similar organisations in Competitions whilst in camp.

B21.3.4 Matches for national representative teams or clubs played under the auspices of FIFA or UEFA.

B21.3.5 Matches between Clubs in the Premier League, the EFL, FAWSL and FAWC for the following season. This sub-paragraph B21.3.5 shall also apply to any successor in title to any of the Competitions specified.

B21.3.6 11v11 matches in authorised Competitions that meet the criteria in accordance with the “Regulations for the Sanction and Control of Competitions” and are approved by The Association or authorising Affiliated Association.

B21.3.7 Single day, weekend and bank holiday competitions and festivals meeting the criteria and receiving authorisation.

B21.3.8 Pilot projects granted dispensation by The Association or authorising Affiliated Association.

To apply for permission to play 11v11 games during June, please CLICK HERE

Youth games (other than 11v11) follow the same process as usual in that they can be played and The County FA do not need to be informed. 

For any Clubs/teams/organisations wishing to apply for a Summer Festival/Tournament sanction, they can do so by CLICKING HERE 

From the 1st July, friendlies can be played, without the County FA's approval, but teams should ensure that they and their opposition are affiliated for the upcoming 2023/24 season