West Sunday League

Sunday Leagues Coming Together In West Cumbria

Sunday League teams in the West of the County will compete in a brand-new West Cumberland Sunday League!

As we move into season 2023/24, Sunday League teams in the west of the county will compete in a brand-new West Cumberland Sunday League! 

This exciting new venture will see teams from the Egremont and District Sunday League and Workington and District Sunday League join forces in a merger to support the existing structure and develop new opportunities for players in the west of the county! 

A potential merger was first brought to the attention of Cumberland FA in July 2022, with the west-based leagues keen to support their teams and future proof Sunday football for their players. Following a number of initial meetings with the respective leagues, actions were agreed to explore the possibility of the merger. One of the County FA actions was to lead a consultation with managers and players.

The Consultation

Cumberland FA’s Football Development Officer Ray Sempill commented on the consultation: “In March 2023 and before moving forward with the merger, we reached out to managers and players across both leagues to get their views. 95% of existing member club managers and over half of registered, regular players completed our survey and it was it was clear from the results that most members were in favour of a full merger of the Sunday Leagues in West Cumbria.”

As well as the merger question, the consultation also included views on kick off times (amongst other things). With both leagues kicking off at different times (morning and afternoon kick offs) it was vital to get the views of the current players and managers. Here is some of the feedback we received on one of the most vital elements, kick-off times: 

‘Early kick of times means you can finish playing then watch the Premier League games in your club afterwards.’

‘If the Egremont and Workington leagues were to merge, I would be unable to play in later kick offs. A kick off time between 10:30-11:30am is vital to ensure I can keep playing.’

Based on the feedback received, it was agreed that the league will kick off at 11:00am. This was the preferred time of the 240+ members surveyed.

During consultation, it was clear that whilst the clubs were all in favour of the merger, they would like to retain some of the history behind the respective leagues; both of which have been an integral part of West Cumbrian footballing life for a long period of time. 25% of managers told us they preferred to preserve some regional cup competitions for the teams within the league. Therefore, the new league will be retaining some of the regionalised cup competitions going forward.

Following the consultation, Cumberland FA analysed the results and then met with the Egremont and District Sunday League, the Workington and District Sunday League and West Cumbria Youth League in April to discuss them and agree actions ahead of the meeting with member clubs of both leagues in May 2023. A recent meeting saw Cumberland FA meet with representatives of both current league committees to discuss detail and the way forward.

Many other preferences have been highlighted by members during the consultation process. CFA staff and the respective committees are working hard behind the scenes to try to accommodate the suggestions where possible, whilst also considering the wider grassroots community. Ray Sempill said:

“The aim of the new West Cumberland Sunday League is to retain most of the foundations that have made the EDSL & WDSL so successful over the years, at the same time also trying to adapt elements to suit the modern player.

"Whilst we don’t expect this new league to counteract all the reasons for adult male Sunday team numbers recently declining, we hope that this new league will help Sunday football to grow and become a more exciting prospect for adult players in West Cumbria.”

West Sunday League

Now we’re delighted to confirm that ENTRY FOR THE NEW LEAGUE IS OPEN!

Cumberland FA are encouraging teams to enter the West Cumberland Sunday League NOW.

The BRAND-NEW League is open to EXISTING TEAMS from the Egremont and District Sunday League and the Workington and District Sunday League as well as NEW TEAMS (or teams who wish to reform and return!)

We’re asking those teams who are unsure whether to enter, to complete the online form so we can get in touch – if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Cumberland FA will once again be offering the ‘Adult Club support package’, with FA Accredited Clubs able to access the 2023-24 offer to support the teams in the newly formed West Cumbria Sunday League. 

adult male team offer

Further support through England Football Accreditation:

11 Match balls
First Aid Kit
Bursaries for 2 x Intro to First Aid in Football qualification & 2 x DBS (worth £80)

Over £500’s worth of support! To apply to access this, please complete this New Adult Club/Team Start-up Grant Application Form.   


If any existing or new teams have any queries regarding this or grassroots football support, please contact Ray Sempill at Cumberland FA on Development@CumberlandFA.com or 01900 511800.