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Join The Wall - protect our positive football environment!

Clubs – Join The Wall to protect our goal of providing a positive football environment for all in Cumberland

In Cumberland 99% of our football played within leagues has been played without any report of misconduct. 

However, we are aware that the number of reports is slowly growing, and the perception of the game is under threat and so in order to ensure that we do not see incidents, that have been widely reported in other counties, here in Cumberland, we understand that we must continue to address the problematic few that display undesirable or unacceptable behaviours. 

We are therefore asking our clubs (Youth and Adult) to sign up to 'Join The Wall' by signing a Positive Football Environment Club Commitment Statement available below:



As a County FA, we recognise that we are ultimately accountable and therefore responsible for trying to improve the football environment. 

We therefore make our own commitment to the grassroots game continue with a multi-faceted approach including: - 

Campaigns and Communications that reinforce and promote the desirable behaviours that most of the game display on a regular basis including Fair Play awards available within each league. 

Providing Education, through newly devised and bespoke workshops, to those who have, for whatever reason, displayed undesirable behaviour to highlight what impact these actions may have on those around them in the hope that we can then influence them and their future behaviour.  

Continuing Support to clubs through recruiting individuals, to supplement CFA staff members, who will attend identified games to observe behaviours etc. and report back to The CFA. 

Ultimately, there must also be consequences and action taken against those who refuse to be educated and consistently demonstrate undesirable behaviour, or against anyone who displays any unacceptable behaviour. This is where we would utilise our football powers including disciplinary action that allow us to provide sanctions against any participants (those who have designated roles within football e.g. player, coach, official etc.).

However, it is important to stress that we can only act within these footballing powers and that these are, at times, limited, especially when we have no independent evidence and hugely conflicting or limited evidence from the clubs involved. 

So, for us to have any chance of really tackling behaviour, and for anything to truly change, we need your help.  

So, we are asking our clubs to ‘Join The Wall’ and to take a stand with us.  

If clubs will pledge to reaffirm their commitment to a positive football environment, taking responsibility for actions within their own clubs then we can protect the game and ensure that more people become involved and remain within the game.  

Clubs can sign the Commitment Statement on the link above. 

Clubs who sign the statement will have some digital assets shared with them. 

Teams from these clubs are also asked to post a picture of their players forming a wall and share them with us via social media using the #WeJoinedTheWall hashtag, for a chance to win a £50 voucher via our kit partners at kitlocker.com. 

This competition will close on Sunday 16 April. 

Clubs can also find some useful resources to support their work on creating a positive football environment below:

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