Silent Support Weekend - 25th and 26th March

Silent Support Weekend Returns to Cumberland this weekend (25th and 26th March 2023)

Following the recent National weekend, that was held over the weekend of the 25th and 26th February, the county's youth leagues have dedicated two further weekends this season will be Silent Support Weekends, the first of which will be the weekend of the 25th and 26th March 2023. 

Fixtures within the Carlisle Glass Longhorn Youth Football League, The Penrith & District Junior Football League, The West Cumbria Youth League and The Cumberland FA U16 Girls League will ask all supporters who attend games within these leagues to show their support through applause only, letting the players do the talking on the pitch.  

Coaches will be permitted to coach throughout the matches but are asked to ensure that their words and actions are all positive and to try and keep their instructions to a minimum to allow the players to play. 

This weekend is to focus upon the desired behaviours from those involved in watching grassroots football and to draw attention to what may have to happen if standards of behaviour on the touchline do not improve. 

The weekend also wishes to reconfirm all those involved in the games collective commitment to ensuring a positive football environment for young players and referees. 

We are therefore asking clubs, through their club chair, secretary, or welfare officer to confirm this commitment by signing up to The Positive Football Environment Club Commitment Statement and in doing so highlighting to all that their club is strongly committed to creating an environment that is safe, supportive, friendly and positive for all and that they will take responsibility for their own clubs’ actions and environment. 

Club that sign the commitment statement will ‘Join The Wall’ and will be provided with digital assets to promote their club commitment to playing their part in protecting the game.  



Clubs are also reminded that they must set up a designated spectator area, using a barrier or a line of cones etc., with parents standing in this area and coaches/players situated on the opposite side of the field of play. 

You can download assets to promote your involvement with Silent Support Weekend below. Please note: space has been allocated at the bottom of these assets for you to add your own club/league name and badge.