Rainbow Laces

Cumberland FA Supports Rainbow Laces 2023

The campaign marks its 10th anniversary this year

Cumberland FA are inviting Grassroots Clubs and Match Officials across the county to join in supporting the annual Rainbow Laces campaign and show their support for LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

Now in its 10th year, the Rainbow Laces campaign has seen over a million people lace up in support, but there is still work to be done, so let's Lace Up to Keep It Up and make football everyone's game.

The campaign is due to run between 25th November and 10th December, and we are urging Clubs and Teams in Cumberland to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community by designating a matchday to the campaign and starting conversations about areas your club can improve. 

Those interested in getting involved with the campaign are recommended to: 

- Identify areas to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion at your football club as annual actions and share these on your website or social media platforms
- Designate a match day to the Rainbow Laces campaign
- Share the matchday event/participation across social media platforms, tagging Cumberland FA 
- Use the campaign as a conversation starter 

We are now inviting Clubs to apply for an allocation of Rainbow Laces which can be picked up from the Cumberland FA office in Cockermouth (arrangements can be made if teams are unable to travel to Cockermouth during office hours). 

Please note we have a limited number of Rainbow Laces and may not be able to provide all Clubs who apply. Rainbow Laces can be purchased direct HERE


Please apply before 5pm on Friday 10 November (following this date Club’s and Referees will be notified whether they have been successful in receiving a CFA allocation for 2023/24)


Referees interested in showing their support for the campaign and would like to receive a pair of Rainbow Laces, please email Helen.Aitchison@CumberlandFA.com before Friday 10 November.

For further information, please contact our Football Development Officer, Helen Aitchison on Helen.Aitchison@CumberlandFA.com

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