Football Fun Webinar

Football Fun Webinar – Monday 15 January 2024

The session is FREE to attend

A ‘Football Fun Coaching Methods’ webinar will be held on Monday 15 January 2024, delivered by Luke Chadwick, former professional football player and director of the Football Fun Factory, alongside co-founder of the Football Fun Factory Jonny Martin.

They are both UEFA A licensed and Advanced Youth Award qualified coaches and will be sharing their experiences and lessons learnt on their coaching journeys so far. They will also be talking over the ethos and values of the Football Fun Factory and sharing information on how the programmes are run, the coaching checklists that are followed at every session and the rationale behind it. There will be particular emphasis on engaging children, how fun comes before development, and how positive early experiences in the game can develop a lifelong affinity to it.

They will also go through a session plan in detail which will be shared with every coach on the call as a takeaway.

Topic: Football Fun Coaching Methods
Date: Monday 15th January 24
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Online (Web Geek)
Cost: Free


Football Fun Ethos:

The Football Fun Factory was created to provide incredible childhood football experiences for boys and girls of all ages and ability levels. Our mission is to use the nation’s passion for football as a vehicle for child development. We believe that the focus should not be simply on development or progression… we should be focusing on having fun!

Our ethos is all about creating an incredible environment where children can express themselves, play, make friends and have fun!