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CFA Behaviour Consequence Ladder – Clubs Step up to the Challenge

This season saw Cumberland FA launch a Behaviour-Consequence Ladder

This season saw Cumberland FA launch a Behaviour-Consequence Ladder which aimed to reward teams who installed and displayed positive behaviour, whilst also providing clear, incremental consequences and actions for teams that demonstrated unacceptable behaviour throughout the season. 

The ladder was delivered in partnership with the Carlisle Glass Longhorn Youth Football League, The Penrith & District Junior Football League, The West Cumbria Youth Football League, and The Cumberland FA U16 Women’s League

More information can be found HERE 

Whilst there are still some potential cases from the 2023-24 season still being investigated, the initial findings appear to be positive with: 

543 teams never leaving Level 1 (which was classed as good/desirable behaviour) 

Only 27 teams entering Level 3 (which was the 1st official warning section and based on a single misconduct charge). 

From there only 1 team went onto Level 4 (2nd official step and based on 2 misconduct charges). 

Every month teams at Level 1 received a thank-you certificate from The County FA to recognise their standard of behaviour and each month all teams at Level 1 were entered into a draw for a £50 voucher, with the following teams being randomly selected each month. 

Oct-Nov – Penrith AFC juniors U12 Panthers 

Dec – Jan – Warwick Wanderers juniors U11 Blues 

February – Cockermouth Juniors U8 Tigers 

March – Dearham Rangers U9 Blacks 

April – Carlisle Centurions U13 

May – Cockermouth Juniors U10 Girls 

All the teams who had remained at Level 1 throughout the course of the season were then entered into a final draw for a £100 voucher, which was won by: 

Windscale Juniors U11 Blues 

The ladder will now be reviewed by the Positive Football Environment Advisory Group and any suggestions put forward to the respective leagues before relaunching next season.