Children at Play Safe fixture

Cumberland Football backs Play Safe

We took part in a countrywide campaign to focus attention of the vital importance of safeguarding in football.

Earlier this season, we asked clubs and leagues at every level of the game to make a Play Safe Pledge ahead of the Play Safe Weekend, a countrywide campaign to focus attention of the vital importance of safeguarding in football.

As well as Captain’s wearing armbands and coaches/managers wearing the Play Safe pin badges to show their support; Cumberland FA also encouraged ALL parents/carers to undertake the FREE 30 minute Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers online course.

Alongside our neighbours Westmorland FA we launched the Play Safe competition with support from Carlisle United, Kendal Town and Workington AFC to provide an additional incentive for all youth players and parents/carers across the county to complete the safeguarding qualification (Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers) to support their child in their chosen team.

All Mini Soccer players in Cumberland and Westmorland were given 4 challenges and once completed they completed their ‘bingo card’ and sent it into their respective County FA to be entered into the prize draw to win a match day experience at one of the above Club grounds! 

- Try my best at training or a match. 
- Shake hands / fist bump with opponents 
- Encourage my teammates
- My Parent / Carer has completed the online Safeguarding Awareness for Parents & Carers

We’re encouraging parents & carers to complete the short online course to help you:

Know what safeguarding is and that you have a role to play as a parent or carer

Understand that children's football should be centred around the needs and wellbeing of children

Increase awareness of the different forms, signs and indicators of abuse, including ‘grooming’ as well as understanding what constitutes poor practice, and how this links to abuse

Increase your confidence regarding what safeguards should be in place at a child's club or football setting, and how to check this

Increase your awareness of reporting concerns through recognised channels

Increase your awareness of the behaviours that are expected in children’s football environments


Under 10 fixture at Carlisle United FC

Ibis United v Gosforth JFC (winning prize draw was Charlie Robertson) 

The players, coaches and parents had a fantastic experience at Carlisle United’s Brunton Park on Sunday 21 April 2024! 

The players were treated with the professional experience, welcomed by Cumberland FA’s CEO Ben Snowdon, using the dressing rooms, walking out before the game just like the Carlisle United players on match day with the stadium announcer welcoming them to the pitch. All while the parents were having some down time in the Glass Lounge before taking their seats.

Once the Respect handshake was completed the teams got into the match, playing on the fantastic Brunton Park surface before the post-match presentation at the conclusion.

The experience also meant 3 young match officials got the opportunity to officiate and they all did a fantastic job too! 

Feedback from Gosforth JFC: “Brilliant experience for our players. Memories that I’m sure will last a lifetime. Ref and officials were excellent. Organisers did a cracking job. Thank you all very much!”

For more information on Safeguarding in Football, please visit the England Football page HERE

Did you know that every Cumberland FA Affiliated Club and League with Youth Teams MUST HAVE in place a:

Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure and a Welfare Officer who has an FA DBS check (formally known as CRC) and completed the Safeguarding Children Workshop and Welfare Officer Workshop.

How to Report Your Concerns

Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility. If you are worried about a child it is important that you report your concerns - no action is not an option.

If you are concerned about your child or another child in your club, you would normally contact your Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in the first instance.

You should be given the contact details of the CWO at the start of the season. If you do not know who your CWO is, speak to a coach in your club and ask for their details. The CWO will normally deal with cases of poor practice and behaviour within your club.

For concerns of a serious nature or for advice and guidance please contact Steve Greenway, Cumberland FA’s Designated Safeguarding Officer on 01900 511800 or 07704 156780, or via email