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The FA Refereeing Department
Online Referee Development Sessions

Session 1

1 - Covid-19 and football update 
2 - A Laws of the Game Quiz 
3 - How good is our Foul Recognition? 
4 - Can we prevent acts of Serious Foul Play?


  View The FA Online Referee Development Session foul tackle montage from Session #1 

Session 1 clips

 Session 2

1 - FA Refereeing Update 
2 - Advice from the top 
3 - Laws of the game quiz 
4 - Mass Confrontation



The FA Basic Referee Course

Whether you want to referee in youth and adult leagues, men's or women's football or have aspirations of one day walking the ball out at Wembley Stadium, The FA Referees Course is the starting point for your refereeing career.