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Referee Promotion

CFA Referee Promotion

The new promotion pathway has been divided into quarters to allow for the opportunity for greater progression as such we will be operating 4 promotion windows in which to join the promotion pathway.

At the end of each quarter those who have met the criteria will be informed if they have been successful within 7 days. Below are the dates for the promotions windows in which you will be able to either join from new, re-apply or apply for the next stage in the pathway up to level 5.

Window 1 – closing date 31st July (Level 5-4 this is your only deadline)

Window 2 – 31st Oct – 7th Nov

Window 3 – 2nd Jan – 9th Jan

Window 4 – 1st March – 8th March

Referee Progression Packs

Michael StudholmeTo download the relevant Referee Progression Pack for further information, please follow these links:






Level Y1-Y2 

Scott Taylor, Cumberland FA Referee Development Officer, said: “This promotion process is the only way in which you can advance your refereeing level and enjoy the benefits of being at the next stage of the refereeing pyramid. I would encourage any Cumberland referee within the county to consider promotion.

"We have some excellent referees within the county, and we want to continue to drive standards of refereeing up. This new FA Referee Progression Pathway will hopefully help focus you on your refereeing journey as well as gain some helpful feedback along the way. I look forward to working with you during the 2022/23 season.”