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Cumberland FA recently welcomed former professional footballers Paul Stewart, David White and Derek Bell to Cockermouth to deliver the SAVE Association Excellence in Safeguarding training for local Club Welfare Officers and volunteers from across the grassroots game.

SAVE Association is primarily a survivor-led community founded and led by Ian Ackley, Derek Bell, Paul Stewart and David White, who were all victims of childhood sexual abuse in a football setting. They aim to affect positive change in safeguarding and victim-engagement through football.

The evening began with Paul and Derek talking about their experiences of abuse during their early playing days before David White took Clubs through the Excellence in Safeguarding part of the session.

The session was also attended by coaches and committee members from clubs from across Cumberland. The first hand experiences heard by the audience was an important reminder to ensure everyone reaches the highest standards of safeguarding in order to keep children safe.

Cumberland FA’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Snowdon thanked David, Paul and Derek for their ‘strength, honesty and bravery’ in telling their stories and giving the Clubs information on Excellence in Safeguarding.

A draw was made of the attending clubs for some Nike footballs; former Workington AFC player Paul Stewart chose number 7 (his number for Spurs in The FA Cup Final). Marion Heron from Workington Wanderers JFC was the lucky recipient.

Cumberland FA’s website now has a designated page to keep Club Welfare Officers updated with news and information. This page will support new and established volunteer Club Welfare Officers and their assistants to fulfil the vital role within Clubs in Cumberland
Visit the Club Welfare Page 

19 Clubs from across the county were in attendance and moving forward Cumberland FA are urging all Clubs to get on-board to support excellence in safeguarding.
If any Clubs are interested in working closer with SAVE Association around their Excellence in Safeguarding offer please email

James Reid from Cumberland FA commented “We as a county are looking to work with SAVE Association and would be happy to look at how we can work together with grassroots clubs to support all elements of Safeguarding to improve and drive standards.”

Useful Websites
The Child Protection in Sport Unit
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command
NSPCC Learning
Safeguarding and Welfare on
The FA Safeguarding page

NEW: Cumberland FA have a page dedicated to young players with vital information and recommendations on staying safe: Visit The Young Stars Page

STAT: A survey conducted by The Child Protection in Sport Unit found that ‘Over 60% of Young People don’t know who their Club Welfare Officer is’ – Do Children in your Club know who it is?


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