Race to Wembley

The CFA Race to Wembley

With 5 Challenges to choose from, there is a chance for everyone in the grassroots football community to get involved to stay active and connected!


With the news that the National lockdown will remain in place for the foreseeable future and following on from the success of Red January, The CFA team know how important and what a positive impact being active can have on both your physical and mental wellbeing.  

So as The men’s FA Cup reaches the 5th Round of the competition, Cumberland FA and their staff team, are challenging Clubs, Teams, Referees, Volunteers and any Individuals connected to grassroots football in the county to take part in their own race to Wembley in February!

There are various challenges (outlined below) that will involve travelling the 314 miles from Cumberland FA HQ in Cockermouth to the National Stadium at Wembley.  

This can be done by a variety of different means including running, walking, cycling or other types of exercise and there are different levels that should be suitable for all ages and stages of fitness.  

The Challenge will commence after the 5th Round games on Saturday 13th of February and will end on Sunday 28th February, giving you 16 days to complete The Race to Wembley.  

The Different Challenges  

Team Challenges

Team Challenge 1: Running/Walking Team Challenge  

This is suitable for teams of ages from Under 10 and above and can include teams of players, referees, club/league officials, spectators and/or parents.  

Individuals can either run or walk.  

Team size varies depending upon your age and is explained below.:

Age Group

Team Number

Number of miles per day per member



10 (as a guide - your team doesn't need to have 10!)






Max of 5 runs per week

U15 - U16



Max of 5 runs per week

U12 - U14

14 (based on 7 adults and 7 children)


Max of 3 x 2 mile runs per week

U10 - U11

16 (based on 8 adults and 8 children)


Max of 3 x 2 mile runs per week

Team Challenge 2: U7 to U9 Team Challenge  

This is suitable for teams of ages from U7 to U9s and can include players, club officials, siblings, relatives and/or parents.  

Individuals need to undertake in at least 30 minutes of activity per day and if they complete this they will receive 1.5 miles towards the 314 mile target.  

Examples of recommended activity include:  
 Walking (including walking the dog) 
 Indoor or outdoor running (advice is that this should be a maximum of 3 runs a week and for a maximum distance of 1 mile per run)  
 Indoor or outdoor cycling on level ground or ground with few hills (again please consider appropriate distance etc.)  
School or online PE/Aerobic lessons and sessions e.g. Joe Wicks (with sit-ups, press-ups and other similar exercises) 
Football (including team Zoom sessions etc.)  
 Riding a scooter 

Age Group

Team Number

Number of miles per day per member



  14-22 (can include players, siblings, parents, coaches etc.)

  1.4  - 0.9

 30 mins of activity per day = 1.5miles

If children at this age are running the advice is that they would have a maximumof 3 x 1 mile runs per week

Team Challenge 3: Cycling (Adults Only)  

If running or walking is not for you and you prefer having 2 wheels, then we have a cycling challenge for you then you can challenge yourself in teams of either 4 or 6 as per below.   This can be indoor or outdoor and we ask that you ensure that all safety precautions are taken before every ride you undertake.  


Miles per day per individual member





Individual Challenges 

If you do not have a team but would still like to get involved, then there are a number of ways that you can.  

Individual Challenge 3: Running or Walking (Over 18s only)  

You can either let us know and we will put you together we another group of like-minded people to form or team or alternatively you can join the CFA Strava group and record and chat about any activity in this closed group.  

Join the Strava CFA Race to Wembley Club (Over 18s only)

Join the Strava CFA Run Club (Over 18s only)

Join the Strava CFA Cycling Club (Over 18s only)

Individual Challenge 4: Underdogs - Running or Walking (Beginners)  

This Challenge does not begin until Monday 15th and can be done as an individual or with your household or support bubbles as per guidance. 

If it’s been a while since you last exercised, or you don’t want to have too much pressure as a family group or support bubble, but would still like to get involved and get yourself active, then you can become part of our Underdogs challenge.  

Here we ask that you undertake 20-30 mins of exercise per day to progress to the next round.  You must complete at least 6 days of exercise per week (1 rest day of your choice) to make it through the 12 qualifying rounds to reach the final on the 28th February.  

Individual Challenge 5: Cycling (Over 18s Only) 

If you really want to have a challenge   


Miles per day



To Register your Interest  

Sign Up Your Team or Sign Up as an Individual 

Further information will be sent out around recording the 'mileage' during the Challenge.


Along the way their will be various spot prizes for those entered and more details will follow in due course.  

Thanks to the support from our partners Kitlocker, Veo Camera, Koolpak UK and MH Goals.


The CFA are not running this challenge to raise money. 

However, we recognise that some clubs are currently struggling due to the restrictions we are under.  

This challenge may offer an opportunity for you to undertake some club specific fundraising to cover any loses from this or last season; or to support provision for next season.  

Alternatively, you could look at raising money for a local charity that is relevant to your club or splitting any donations between the club and a chosen charity?  
This would be a club decision.  

If you decide to support a Charity or raise Club funds through the CFA Race to Wembley, let us know and we will promote the relevant links for you!

NHS Guidance on safe exercise 

You should not take part if against Doctors advice or carrying injury etc.  

You must monitor yourselves and children so if you or your child seems exhausted, injured, or unable to recover fully from workouts, you/they may be training too hard.  

As well as recovery time, adequate nutrition and hydration are also important  

Specific Recommendations for Adults  

Read for Adults  

Specific Recommendations for U18s  

Advice for safe exercise for Children can be found here     

Safeguarding Considerations  

Children Under the age of 15 must, and children under the age of 18 should, be accompanied by an adult on all activity that takes part away from the home  

Covid-19 Guidance  

Obviously, we are in National Lockdown and therefore Government Guidance for exercising during lockdown MUST BE ADHERED. 

Therefore, you cannot meet with more than one other person from outside of your household/bubble to exercise.  You can find information here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/national-lockdown-stay-at-home#exercising  

 Race to Wembley


We hope you will get involved and stay active and connected during this period of time. Don't forget us to tag us on Social Media @CumberlandFA on Twitter and Instagram and Cumberland FA on Facebook..... Keep us updated with your progress, and look out for the 'Spot Prizes' during the Challenge!