Danny Crick Hird

Danny Crick Hird selected for the England Regional Emerging Talent programme

Danny, who was born deaf and has cochlea implants on both ears, plays for Abbeytown JFC and Aspatria JFC

Danny Crick Hird recently attended a disability England Talent Day in Durham and has been asked to attend further sessions at the Regional Emerging Talent Programme!

Danny Crick Hird 7-year-old Danny, who was born deaf and has cochlea implants on both ears, plays for Abbeytown JFC and Aspatria JFC.

Danny started playing football at 4 years old for Aspatria JFC. His mum Jennie told us: “He loves to play in defence as he says he likes to protect his goal. Danny supports Carlisle United FC and he got to play there once during half time and scored a goal! He loved hearing the crowd cheer and hopes to play for them one day.”

Following selection at the England Para Talent Day, Danny will train with the Talent Pathways group in Durham each month while continuing to play for his local teams Aspatria JFC and Abbeytown JFC, as well as 4/5 days a year in Manchester. Once a year Danny will travel to London to take part in training alongside all three Regionals Centres in London.

Jennie continues: “Danny loves to play football and being part of a team and making new friends while learning new skills. It's been an amazing opportunity as it opens lots of doors for Danny, not only with his football skills but also for his friendship with children who are the same as him. The coaching is amazing for the talented footballers, and they understand Danny's disability and are able to guide him in areas he may have struggled with due to his hearing loss.

"We are, as a family, very proud of Danny for showing the world nothing can hold you back if you work hard enough, the England Para Pathway has shown him a disability doesn't mean your dreams can't happen and they have opened an amazing inclusive door to children / adults who have disabilities, and we are so happy we found out about this pathway. Who knows, one day Danny might represent the county and wear the Three Lions on his chest. The future is bright for anybody out there who wants it, no matter who you are!”

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Ray Sempill, Cumberland FA’s Football Development Officer, commented: “Everyone at Cumberland FA are keen to follow the progress of Danny through his journey and wish him all the best for the future as he represents Cumberland Football on the England programme.”

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If you have any queries or would like more information on disability football opportunities in Cumberland, please contact Ray Sempill on 01900 511800 or email Ray.Sempill@CumberlandFA.com