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  There has never been a better time to

  get involved and play football, whatever

  your ability level.

  There are now more opportunities than ever to play football if you have a disability.

  Cumberland FA believe in flexible, inclusive and accessible playing opportunities for everyone,   

and are committed to delivering a range of opportunities for players with a disability to access  

football at various levels across the county.


Powerchair Football

Ages 8 - 25

When: Fridays 4:45 - 6:15pm 
Where: Richard Rose Morton Academy, Carlisle

Cost: Free 

Powerchairs provided

As part of Cumbria Wheelchair Sports Club

Powerchair football
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Inclusion in Cumberland

Cumbria Frame Football

Ages: 6 - 16 

When: Sundays: Fortnightly 1 - 3pm 

Where: Hutton Way, Carlisle

Age 6 - 16

Junior Pan Disability Sessions


When: Thursday's 5:30 - 6:30pm | Cost: £2
Where: Richard Rose Morton Academy, Carlisle

When: Thursdays 6 - 7pm | Cost: £2
Where: Whitehaven Academy, Whitehaven 

When: Wednesdays 5 - 6pm | Cost: £2
Where: Workington Academy, Workington 

Inclusion in Cumberland
Mental Health Sessions in Cumberland


Ages: Adult
When: Tuesdays 1 - 2pm
Where: Workington Leisure Centre
Cost: £1

Sessions run in partnership with the Alzheimer's Society

Dementia Friendly Walking Football

Age: 50+

When: Friday's 1:30pm for a kick around followed by a cake and a cuppa!

Where: Botcherby Community Centre, Carlisle

Acitivities are designed to improve balance, circulation and general health

Dementia Friendly Walking Football
Ability Counts in Cumberland
Since 2011

Ability Counts League

Ability Counts League Teams (Age 16+) for players with a disability who want to play regular football.

Fixtures are held once a month during the season (March – October), with teams from across the County taking part at a central venue.

The League aims to provide a positive experience and opportunities into the disability player pathway.

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