The warm up

Fitness for Football – ‘The Warm-Up’ Online CPD

The Warm-Up: much more than a preparation tool!

Learn to maximise your warm-ups with this 1-hour online workshop by Andy Lindegaard MSc!

Date and time: Mon, 4 Dec 2023 19:00 - 20:00 GMT

Location: Online

Cost: £5 (Includes online resource)

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About this event

One of the most universally accepted practices in sport is that of the warm-up. Today, few players at any level train or compete without some sort of “warm-up”. However, while the general principles surrounding the need to warm-up remain valid (raising the body temperature, and preparing the muscles to avoid injury), there are questions as to how effective current practices are.

This workshop is designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of warm-ups, highlight some of the mistakes that are often made, introduce the best way to structure a warm-up, and how a change of emphasis can benefit long term development.

How is the workshop structured?

This is a 1-hour online workshop. The workshop will offer some examples, hints and tips on delivering effective warm-ups for your players. This will be done through a variety of media, including expert knowledge from your Healthy Active Tutor as well as, videos and resources.

What You’ll Learn - This workshop will help you to:

Understand the importance of a warm-up
Understand traditional warm-up practices
Understand how stretching impacts performance
Understand how taking a new look at warming up can help your coaching
Understand the most effective way to plan your warm-up
Understand that the warm-up is more than a preparation tool

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